Baseball Bat Review: Louisville Slugger Attack

The bat I am going to review in this installment is the Louisville Slugger 2014 Attack. Two of my teammates have this bat so I have had the opportunity of using it on a few occasions. This bat comes in different sizes and styles depending on the league you play in. For a high school baseball player, you will need to buy the adult league -3 BBCOR bat for it to be legal.



When this bat first came out last year, the price started at $400. Over the course of a year a new version of the Attack has come out which dropped this version to a manageable $200 on That $200 is definitely worth the amount of quality and long lasting pop that this bat has right from the start. The day my friend bought this bat he brought it to practice and let the team break it in. If you hit the ball on the sweet spot it feels like you did not even hit the ball at all. The composite material absorbs most of the shock from the impacting ball which can be very comfortable for hitters. Especially those who do not use any batting gloves when they are hitting. Overall, this bat is an all around good choice and is definitely worth its new price tag.


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2 thoughts on “Baseball Bat Review: Louisville Slugger Attack

  1. Arshi Tiwari says:

    I used to play this years ago when I was a kid. Each year I would go through the game and edit the teams and rosters to have the actual correct names. Yep, I was a nerdy kid with a lot of time on my hands. Maybe I’ll check it out this year, it might be fun to come back to, especially with all of the work done for me!

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